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Market research & analysis that inspires brands and businesses

Over the years, two distinct branches of market research & analysis have grown-up: projects that are commissioned to confirm, check and pick a winner - and those designed to find new thinking based on fresh insights and perspectives.

Socratics is in the business of fresh insights and perspectives: brand inspiration based on the belief that the subject of all research and analysis is people.

Tough economic times, changing media, new consumer groupings, new routes to market, faster product and brand lifecycles: these all mean brands need new inspiration rather than steady checking. 

Businesses too need new ways of thinking, new models of doing their business and fresh inspiration for managing their brands.

To achieve these goals research and analysis has to remember its one overriding purpose: to learn something new about people. Research is never simply ‘about the communications, NPD or even the brand’.  It is about people. Learn something new about people and you’ll learn something new about your communications, NPD, business or brand.